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The ACE INI pack is an add-on for TV++ created by the experts at REDList Solutions to support the ACE POS system. It provides file definitions for a variety of ACE files, including the Item Record, Operator File, Transaction Summary File and many more!

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Includes the following:

EAMOPERA (Operator Authorization File)

EAMITEMR (Item Record File)

  • EAM16914 – 169 byte item records with 14 digit UPC’s
  • EAM16912 – 169 byte item records with 12 digit UPC’s
  • EAM12714 – 127 byte item records with 14 digit UPC’s
  • EAM12712 – 127 byte item records with 12 digit UPC’s
  • EAM04612 – 46 byte item records with 12 digit UPC’s

ACETOFSF (Terminal Offline Status File)

ACEUCCTL (Unattended Close Control File)

EAMACCT* (Accounting Totals File, supports “C”urrent, “P”revious and “O”ld)

EAMCSCF1 (Checkout Support Control File)

EAMDMCTL (Delayed Data Maintenance Control File)

EAMPER* (Operator Performance File , supports “C”urrent, “P”revious and “O”ld)

EAMTERMS (Terminal Status File)

EAMTRAN* (Transaction Summary Log)

EAMTRAK* (Transaction Tracking File)

EAMTENDV (Tender Verification File)

EAMCUSTA (Customer Account Status File)