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What is TV++?

TV++ is a 4690 File utility that runs on Windows and allows you to view and manipulate records within a 4690 Tlog or Keyed file.

In addition to understanding the file formats, TV++ has been designed to be extendible and provide detailed field information for records which it encounters. Essentially, TV++ is a file browser that allows you to “see inside” 4690 Tlogs and Keyed Files in a visual manner.

TV++ allows you to not only view data with a Tlog or keyed file, but also define layouts for the records and fields of that data and have TV++ breakout the fields and show them in a meaningful fashion.

This approach allows you to do things like assign text to a bit field. For example, you could assign “Price Change Occurred” to the 3rd field, 4th bit of a 01 supermarket string. It supports sorting and filtering of records, and even allows you to save any combination of them off into a new file (in either append or overwrite mode).

Breakout TV view

See what your bits are really telling you using our field breakout feature!

Search your Tlog by terminal, operator, transaction, data/time and more!

Filter TV view

What the ‘Hex’ that?
Toggle Hex mode!

Search using a Hex string


Custom templates, because we’re all unique.

Open any keyed file.
For instance, the
terminal status (EAMTERMS.DAT)

  • Accolades

    This product is mentioned by IBM as a valuable tool. The following is a excerpt from the IBM Programming Course Module under Support Tools - Debugging SurePOS ACE:

    Tools available from third parties:

    4690 TV++, a transaction log formatter, is available from

    The following is an excerpt from The IBM® WebSphere® Message Broker: TLog Processor Installation and Configuration Guide:

    Test the customized message definition. You can use the sample GSA_TLOGRAW message, gsa_data_tlograw_05_new, from the samples_utilities\qsender\data_POSLogV21\MODIFIED_GSA directory. Use an editor such as TV++ to view the message (see Figure 12).

  • Features & benefits

    • Runs on Windows 7 and 10
    • Supports 4690 Tlogs and Keyed Files
    • Supports SuperMarket, GSA, Chain Sales and Store Management Tlogs
    • Extendable for any 4690 Tlog or keyed file record and/or field layout
    • Written in C++, and designed to be modular and extendable
    • Extremely fast & accurate
    • Handles very large files sizes (successfully run against a 42MB Tlog)
    • Provides full hex search capabilities (forward and backward through file)
    • Provides various sorting and filtering capabilities
    • Access files on remote systems using Windows Networking (NetBEUI) or FTP
    • Client FTP support allows retrieval of files from any FTP host (4690 or Unix)
    • Save record(s) to a new file (TV++ also allows you to change the order of Tlog records being saved) - great for creating test data
    • Print records using standard Windows printing
    • Supports copy & paste of data into other programs (e-mail, spreadsheets, etc)
    • Provides a Home Sector Calculator (calculates home sectors of a specified key)
    • Supports Template files on a Windows NT server (providing all your users with consistent layouts)


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