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RED Alerts

What is it?

Currently in development, with a demo-able prototype already completed, REDAlerts will be an add-on for SurePOS ACE which provides real time messaging between the cashier in the lane and management.

What can it do for me?

REDAlerts provides the following features
  • The ability for cashiers to simply press a button on the ACE SI GUI to page a manager (MOD)
  • Automatic notification of store personnel of events which have occurred in the lane based on the 2×20 operator display
  • The ability for Managers to remotely perform an override via the MOD Mobile Client Application (Android and IOS clients available)

How does it work?

The cashier simply presses the MgrOnDuty tab and then the desired option (Need Cash, Need Assistance, Need Transaction Assistance, etc… including any custom button(s) that you add!)
A screen of related options is displayed, the cashier selects a button…
… and a message is sent to the manager via our Google Cloud Messaging enabled app!
Alternately, if a registered message is displayed on the 2×20, a message is generated as well.
Be sure to check out video demos showing some of the popular features of this great product here!