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redlistlogo has partnered with gklogo to integrate their e-commerce system with Toshiba ACE to enable seamless online ordering.
Online shopping has arrived at Woodmans Market!
Not only is the REDList Remote Transaction Server providing a seamless interface from their eCommerce solution to their Toshiba ACE POS system, but it’s also providing the interface for their Mobile shopping application as well:

Having piloted back in 2016, the solution is now rolled out chain wide:

and GrocerKey now has investors onboard to help it scale:

Woodman’s Markets is seeing the immediate benefits of e-commerce on their ShopWoodman’s site:
  • 250% growth in online sales;
  • Average online orders that were approximately 500% larger than the average in-store transaction; and
  • More than 2,000 orders placed via mobile since the beta launch, accounting for more than $270,000 in revenue.

Read more about it here!

In order to enable utilization of in-store Woodman’s POS system, REDList Solutions developed the POS Integration Server – a standards-based solution bridging the GrocerKey e-commerce system with Toshiba ACE using the Store Integrator framework.


grocerkey integration

Now REDList and GrocerKey can offer this solution to any Toshiba customer running ACE or other SIF-enabled application
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